Feb 18, 2009

Moleskine 08/09 Project

I'm stressed out. And it's Calvin's fault. It's his fault to post up his Moleskine pages. And it's his fault he mentioned that he has only 14 pages more to go. After I read his blog, my automatic reaction was to dig out my Moleskine which I've neglected for months. Inevitably I counted the empty pages. Guess what??? I have 62 pages more to go. WTF? Last night I drew two more pages, so now I left 60 more pages. I've lost my creativity and lost the idea how to be inspired. Anyway, last night I was so empty headed. All I drew was a quill and it says "I have ugly signature", and my legs. I'm not sure what else I should draw. Someone please squeeze that creative juice out from my head. Tell me something; an object, a person, a place, anything; and I'll try to draw it out. I know this supposed to be my life journal thing, but now for the sake of completing the book and send it to Calvin, I have to rush. It's like an assignment approaching the deadlines. After I'm done with it, I'll take photos of all my work and post it up here as an exhibition for my Moleskine Project. But I have to promise you that it will only happen after Calvin receive the book. I have to give priority to him first.


eMz said...

draw the best-looking cake you can think of.hehe

kxfx said...

walao eh... im not forcing u la. slowly .. art cant be rushed. eh how come ur mollie still looks so new ? mine is like sayur masin d. haha.


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