Nov 30, 2008

Stuff, stuff, stuff ver.09

I’m excited but I’m lonely. Alwin is partying mad style in Melbourne right now (or probably he’s hitting on other chicks in party?). Who cares, I’m busy daydreaming of my Auckland trip. Back to reality, I have nothing right now to do besides surfing the net for Christmas present. Here’s a short list of what I wish for this year. You guys can start saving now. Tee hee…

Alexander McCall Smith novel: The Sunday Philosophy Club
Motorola A1200. This is so suits me, right?

This Megan Fox dress. She looks a bit retard in this photo. But she's always sexy
This Ed Hardy t-shirt. I'm not sure where to get Ed Hardy here. Wish I'm back in Singapore, can just go to Heeren.

A laptop. Not necessary be Vaio. But preferrably in pink

MOR snow gardenia soap for my luxurious bath

A trip to London to see my best friend :)

A pair of nice, cute, girlie girl sleep mask

This pink dress. I think it looks better with black ribbon instead of pink. And I would wear it with pearl instead of that candy-looking beads.

Body Shop green tea fragrance oil. I'm currently running out of stock

Who can resist pink velour bag from Juicy Couture?

A comfortable armchair for my leisure reading in the afternoon. Can imagine myself on that with some peach tea and cupcakes at the side, a good book in my hand and Paris Combo music as background

While I'm still skinny, I want a skinny jeans

Juicy Couture cupcake charm :) delicious!

Canon Powershot E1 in white

That Victoria Beckham's dress. She's my fashion icon!

Mary Jane pumps. But I prefer something slightly roundish in front

The new Benefit fragrance, B spot!

Balenciaga Motorbike in green. Classic.

Velour make-up box from Juicy Couture

Cecelia Bartoli's CD

Gucci Indie bag. I have a brown one. Now I want a white one.

Still in my wishlist...Juicy Couture purse that I missed buying on Easter

Another classic bag, Hermes Birkin in cream

Suede boots knee-length in black

Juicy Couture tracksuits

Mont Blanc aviator sunglasses. I've already ordered this. It has arrived at Melbourne Mont Blanc last week. Someone please go there and pay for me, can?


♥dollies said...

Wow, ur wish list is long~
Anyway, hows studying at aussie like? sounds nice ... Boots and winter wear must be so much nicer and cheaper there ..

eMz said...

that motorola phone just got me hooked! i'll think about getting that too when my old V3i conks out on me (i'm aware that it may not happen for a while).hahaha

mădălina said...

gosh, you really know how to make a gal feel good. I don't know about creative, but I try.// hopefully santa is good to you:)

Jigsaw said...

nice blog,but if Victoria Beckham is your fashion icon then thats bad! I'm a guy and I think she is too skinny and not that great looking either!! Though that Motorola phone is very nice!

Jocelyn said...

HELLO !! i'm here to visit again :p

ills said...

b spot smells fab

Jerine said... boyfriend got it for me!!!!!!!

christine said...

hey i've got a new mary jane pump, the rounded front one hahahahaahah..and nopes..didn't take photo of it :P


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