Oct 26, 2008

Zoodoo - the zoo like no other

I have a mission – to divert my blog into a travelogue slowly. To start off this mission, I’ll present you the great Zoodoo trip. I long to write this post but somehow I’ve forgotten about it and mainly because I was feeling quite sick at that time. How did it spark off my head to write this post then? Because NowPublic requested to use my Tasmanian devil photo in one of their article.

Arvid rented a car when Siew Kim came to visit us in Tasmania. So we drove about one hour to Richmond. The actual duration is approximately 30 minutes, but give and take another 30 minutes for sightseeing and lost on the road, it takes one hour to reach Zoodoo. Zoodoo is not like ordinary patting zoo. The entry fee is $16 per person, I’m not sure about kid’s rate thought ‘cos I didn’t pay for that price. It’s really super fun and family/kids orientated place. If I’m not mistaken, it’s actually not a patting zoo but a wildlife park. A large range of native, exotic and agricultural animals are homed there, waiting for our arrival.

We started out excursion with the indoor animal nursery. This is me with the little pony. And Calvin was just happened to be posing behind.

The pony wasn’t really fun. They mind their own business and ignored me. Totally not cool. So I moved to the sheep section. Those sheep were too ferocious. They bite me!!! Look at Arvid trying to kung fu kick the sheep.

This is Arvid and his dear girlfriend, Siew Kim. How sweet…

The highlight of the trip is the safari bus ride. It operates quite frequent, every 30 minutes. I can’t explain how was the sensation of adrenaline rush as we enter the animal farm. We’ve got a hitch hiker on the ride. This little cute goat wanted to join us for a ride.

The first farm we went was the ostrich sanctuary. You know that feeling…it was like live Jurassic park. The coach will throw the ostrich food randomly and the ostrich will fight its way into the bus. It’s really unfortunate if you wear a hoodie. He will just pour the food into your hoodie and you can’t escape…a family of ostriches will popping their head in and out of your hoodie to get their food. Lesson to be learnt…no hoodie in Zoodoo unless you want to risk your life getting bitten by those animals. Even though I wasn’t wearing any hoodie, I almost died of heart attack. I was enjoying the ride and when the bus stopped, I thought we could get down and feed the animals. As I turned my head to the entrance, a huge…really huge buffalo was trespassing my seat. Its sharp killer horn was an inch away from my hips. I ran for my life without wasting any second. Stupid buffalo!!!

I like feeding those wallabies. They are so shy and cute… I would kidnap them back if I could do it.

And this koala is so lazy. It was sleeping soundly. Even though my mobile rang when I was very close, it didn’t bother to open their eyes.

Somehow it reminded me of my baby’s toy…

It is Australia here…surely they have some kangaroos right? This is my favorite kangaroo.

It was so hard to take photo with that kangaroo. There are so many of them. I had to lure it with some food just to take this photo. I didn’t have the balls to get into the farm because all the kangaroos were really fierce. But Michelle found her guts to get in there. I’ve lost the video of that, which was titled “Michelle suicide attempt”.

And have you seen Tasmanian devil before? This was the first time I saw a real Tasmanian devil since I came to Tasmania. They were quite unfriendly, I would say…

And lastly, to the loo..

Zoodoo loo…sounds like a tongue twister eh? I really wish to go back there again. I wasn’t really active during the trip due to my sickness

And now I will start mumbling about my sickness again. I’m sick again. I have Civil Procedure exam this coming Tuesday and I really don’t know how to study. My head is loaded with worries but yet my body is really weak. I’m blogging now because I want to do something rather than just lying on the bed and go crazy.

My body temperature goes up and down like a roller coaster. This is the shittiest thing of being sick. One minute you thought you’re going to recover, the next minute you thought you’re going to die…

I called Alwin (a.k.a. the stupid buffalo) for help. He brought me some panadols and stayed over. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and stared at him snoring in his deep sleep. I thought to myself, poor buffalo. He has got work to do, but yet have to worry about me. Exam is coming but yet he still concern about me. At the end, my problem became his problem. I’m so fortunate to have him.


Iris said...

The koala is so lovable and adorable. Your toy koala looks very much alike as the real one:p

Bear Bear said...

OMG! Thank you so much for sharing these photos. Zoodoo is definitely one of my favorite destinations now. But see when I will plan to go to Australia. I'm so glad that you're going to divert your blog into a travelogue slowly.

By the way, how is your condition now? I hope you're no longer sick. Take care! ^^

Jerine said...

iris: yup. Aren't cute?

Bear bear: if you come to Australia let me know ok? I'll bring you around. By the way, I've got kidney infection so I don't think I can recover that fast


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