Oct 21, 2008

Sneak peek into my Moleskin

Before I'm concentrating on my exam, I did some Rollie Pollie Mollie on my Moleskine. My traget is to finish all the pages by December so I can send it to Calvin as soon as possible, or maybe I can pass it to him personally when I'm back in Singapore. Here's some sneak peek...

That's Henry that I sketched. This is the real Henry and my smelly feet...

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! I love cupcakes!!!!!!!

Girls just can't resist shopping!

Love? It's all around you....

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first...

I supposed to fill up my Mollie when I'm free and bored. But it became an addiction.


CyberPartyGal said...

Do you mean Moleskine?

Bear Bear said...

MOLESKINE? This is the first time I've heard about it. How ancient I am! Is it something like a sketch book?

Jerine said...

bear bear - yup, it's a legendary sketchbook that Van Gogh and Picasso used to use for their sketchings

Chunks of Reality said...

You are so very talented! I wish I could make something like that. Very awesome!

Duni said...

What a beautiful cat (the real one) and of course your sketch is beautiful too!

Tommy said...

Here are some song/soundtrack name (at least you know) and URL. You can paste URL to download software to get it or on browser to listen online. That's what I downloaded

不能说的秘密 bu nen shuo de mi mi (Secret)
脚踏车 (Piano) jiao ta che

路小雨 (Piano) lu xiao yu

小雨写立可白1 (Piano) xiao yu xie li ke ba

小雨写立可白2 (piano)

不能说的秘密 song (Secret - Jay Chou)

仙剑奇侠传 xian jian qi xia juan
六月的雨 liu yue de yu

杀破狼 sa bo lang

永恒的回忆 yong hen de hui yi (杀破狼 演奏) Soundtrack

Marquis_De_Sade said...

me leh? me leh?
Where is me?

Jerine said...

marquis de sade - you are not cute enough. i rather draw henry :p

Marquis_De_Sade said...

*big fat pout*


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