Sep 12, 2007

Penguins Not United

They say that friends are family that we choose. But that’s not always true for me. I find it hard to accept people’s behavior in general. Therefore, I only have selected friends that I consider as family and one of them is Christine a.k.a. Pengutine. We’ve formed a stupid group called Penguins Unite! which consists of three permanent veto members – Pengulyn as chief in command, Pengutine and me, Pengurine.

(tuning in to Penguins’ language now)

Penguins are full of adventures. Penguins conquered all the straits states in Malaysia. Penguins attempted to join Spirits of Penang but got kicked out because Penguins went to watch Click movie in the cinema. Penguins decorated each other’s life with laughter, burps, shower of blessings, and many more. Stupid things always happen when Penguins are around. But Penguins embellished life turned to sorrow when Pengutine has to leave for London a.k.a. the North Pole. And that gonna happen right now. How can Penguins be united anymore? Each Penguin now has to learn to be independent. As far as I know, the Penguin’s spirit is still burning. Until then, see you Penguins in Barcelona (or is it Brazil? Shit! I forgot our meeting place. Pray I don’t but the wrong ticket)


Kev Brown said...

Glad to see you are keeping it real fella! I know what you mean, I keep as few friends as possible, the more I have, the more they just piss me off!

christine said...


i like the comic that you drew, its funny and aww that's so sweet..really..i love those presents that you gave me, a lot has been going on right now and its been hard to catch you guys online because of the time difference. I really really miss those times hanging out and those really stupid times that we have been through..haha..and u know what..i've put the "stupid things that christine says" on my remind me of the times that we had..will be putting photos on soon i hope...well you won't get the wrong ticket coz we don't have that much miscommunications as others so yeah spain would be the first stop then, there's pretty much the whole world to explore and don't forget our secret pose..haha..anyway..ciao..its late here...thank you for everything especially the memories, really really thank you. Good luck in your studies, ciao. PENGUINS UNITE!!!!


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