Apr 21, 2006

Dim Sum

When was the last time you tasted a Chinese dim sum? Well, I can eat it anytime I want now. Cos I know the secret recipe for the best dim sum in the world!!! Hahaha...that's a bit too exaggerating. Anyway, I was supposed to prepare tea at home. I was thinking of making something special other than our daily pancake. So I tried dim sum. Amazingly, it works! It didn't take long to serve actually. Only 45 minutes of preparation time. Consider that it is a cuisine food, it is rather easy to prepare. Call me for some reservation!

Apr 20, 2006

I was planning for some mischief today with my partner-in-crime until she call me at the very last minute that she has to accompany her boyfriend. I was struck with anger and thought of doing it by myself but yet I couldn't possibly do it alone. I need 2 pairs of hands to accomplish the plan. Then, we arrange another meeting, which is on the coming Monday.
With disappointment and anger I travel uptown to meet another friend who is working in a mall. After chit-chatting for about an hour, I went off for some lonely-shopping. Guess what??? I found Lulu Guiness bags in a departmental stall!!! The thought of changing a new cosmetic bag came to me for more than a week already. So, without second thought I grabbed the pink classic Lulu Guiness pouch. There goes my one month of disposable income.

Aren't you jealous? Muahahaha... After some girlie girl shopping, it is time to look literate so I headed to a bookstore. Since my current fiction book already reaching the last chapter, I manage to get myself Sue Townsend's The Queen & I, just in case, you know...I might die of boredom at home.

Apr 3, 2006

Who say you can't make it for a one day trip to Malacca?
You just have to wake up early in the morning, around 6 am. Then take a ride to Pudu Raya and you'll be early enough to catch the 9am bus to Malacca. The cost? RM9.50 for Transnasional and RM9.40 for Delima. Delima is definitely my choice. It's cheaper by 10cent, cleaner, and they have wider seats.
As you reach Malacca Central, take No.17 bus to Christ Church. For those who enjoy a comfy ride on taxi most of the time, it would cost you RM15 to get to the town. Meanwhile, the bus only cost you 80cent. So you decide.
Ok. You shall get down at Christ Church. From there...you can start your expedition. Get a map. It is useful, honestly. Even if you wanna save that RM10 for the map, you can't get lost in Malacca.


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