Nov 15, 2006

Oh, Weekend

Yesterday I was at the eBay Explained 2006 in KL Convention Centre. I love the word ‘convention’ because it sounds so corporate and professional, like only high profile business figure will only entitled to an entry. It was hosted in the Ballroom, so I thought it sounds rather classy too. Because it sounds classy, I decided that none of my lousy rag is suitable for the occasion. I went to shop with an ideal dress in my mind but unfortunately I came home with nothing. But after all, there is one dress in my wardrobe which is perfect for all occasion.

There I was in Balenciaga’s 2005 autumn collection cocktail dress. Feeling proud and sophisticated, I went to the talk. To my surprise, which I only found out soon as I arrived, that everyone else was wearing comfortable t-shirts and jeans. Gosh! I felt so over-dressed. It’s a ballroom man! It’s understood that the dress code is FORMAL.

With the opportunity to review the restroom, I can make several conclusions about the restroom in KLCC Convention Centre. It is quite cozy and there were relatively enough cubicles so you won’t have to wait. The cubicles were in reasonable size so no claustrophobia will faint inside. However, one thing I must highlight was the automated flush. It supposed to be automated but somehow I have to conventionally push the button to make it work. So why is it called automated flush anyway?

Of course I bought back home loads of information like how to use the eBay tools, what are the marketing strategies, etc. But the best thing that I bought home was a useless souvenir mousepad. I don’t even have a mouse for my computer. Hey, eBay…get yourself update with technology. People are using write pad now instead. Well, I might as well list that eBay mousepad on eBay for auction. Why not?

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