Apr 21, 2006

Dim Sum

When was the last time you tasted a Chinese dim sum? Well, I can eat it anytime I want now. Cos I know the secret recipe for the best dim sum in the world!!! Hahaha...that's a bit too exaggerating. Anyway, I was supposed to prepare tea at home. I was thinking of making something special other than our daily pancake. So I tried dim sum. Amazingly, it works! It didn't take long to serve actually. Only 45 minutes of preparation time. Consider that it is a cuisine food, it is rather easy to prepare. Call me for some reservation!

1 comment:

Bes said...

Really good. The last time I had it was, hmmmm, a month ago I think in San Francisco.
45 minutes to make the best dim sum in the world! That's not bad. :D
Is it possible to make a reservation and order some of it online? :p


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